Lady Miners Host PeeWee Basketball Camp

Bauxite Lady Miners are Hosting a PeeWee camp on May 17th-18th from 3:30-5:30.

Information from Coach Lambert:

  1. Our main focus of this camp is to teach skills that will be needed when your child gets to the 7th grade and begins playing for the school.  We will be teaching things like form shooting, dribbling, pass, and catching.  All are fundamentals that are vital to a program's overall success.

  2. Students that are at Pine Haven Elementary School will be picked up on a bus at Pine Haven and bused to Harrell gym on our High School campus.  

  3. Students that are at the Middle School can come through the top doors of the gym at the bell and change clothes in the bathrooms on the top level of Dawson gym.  

  4. We will be selling snacks and drinks for you to purchase by the concession stand area in Dawson gym.  These snacks and drinks must be ate in the stands or in the concession area.  

  5. On the last day of camp, Thursday May 18th, we will have “parent time” from 4:30-5:00.  At this time, parents of the campers can come to the gym to watch their child go through some of the drills that we have taught them.  From 5:00 until 5:30, we will allow parents on the floor to play with their child.

  6. This year because of the amount of students at the camp, we will split the camp into 2 divisions.  The younger division (2-4) grade, will be in Harrell gym. The older division (5-7) grade, will be in Dawson gym.  

  7. Deadline for forms are May 12th, if you sign up after May 12th, you will not receive a camp t-shirt.  If you want a youth size t-shirt, please write that on the registration form.  

Registration Deadline is at noon on May 12th.  

If you're interested, please fill out the PDF located at this link

For any questions, please contact