Let's Celebrate DOT DAY Thursday Oct. 7 th.  Imagine the power and potential of everyone at Pine Haven connecting, collaborating, creating and celebrating all that creativity inspires and invites.  

Thursday Oct. 7 th we will start our celebration connecting with everyone by wearing as many Dots as we can. Be as creative as you like. But remember our Pine Haven dress code, (no face paint or hair paint) take an old shirt paint or draw Dots on the shirt… Make your mark! Use duct tape to add Dots to your shoes… Be as creative as you can… Make your MARK! Have fun being creative… Everyone can participate...  Each child that participates in the Dot Day Celebration will have their name placed in a large pot for a drawing. The prize, a $50.00 Amazon gift card. The lucky winner will be able to spend the money on whatever they choose to make  their mark…  Participate in the Dot competition. Each class will chose one person showing the  most creativity in wearing their Dots. Each winner will receive a prize package.

The Art Department would like to ask for a dollar donation. All donations will go
towards purchasing Future Fun Dot Day Celebrations! and prizes...
So please join us! Wear Your Dots! Make your Mark!