Just a reminder Open House is Aug. 12 from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. for all campuses!! Can't wait to see you there!!
5 days ago, Bauxite Public Schools
Open House
Mark you calendar for ACT Aspire Testing for grades 6-8. If you have questions, please call our office and we will be happy to assist you.
3 months ago, Kimberly Arnold
BMS Testing Calendar
Bauxite Schools will be learning remotely for the remainder of the week. Stay safe and warm, Miners!
5 months ago, Bauxite Public Schools
Bauxite Schools will be learning remotely Wednesday, February 17, due to inclement weather. Stay safe and warm, Miners!
5 months ago, Bauxite Public Schools
Bauxite Families: Bauxite will be learning remotely tomorrow, Feb. 16, due to inclement weather. Stay warm and safe, Miners!
5 months ago, Bauxite Public Schools
Pine Haven Elementary is open for onsite learning. We look forward to seeing you in the morning. In addition to mask wearing, washing hands, and maintaining social distance, don’t forget to wash your masks and report any positive cases and probable close contacts in the household to 501-430-0065.
6 months ago, Bauxite Public Schools
Bauxite Community - Bauxite High School will be hosting a Blood Drive on Wednesday, Feb. 17th. Please help our seniors earn scholarships plus save three lives. Please visit arkbi.org to schedule an appointment.
6 months ago, Carole Anderson
blood drive
Bauxite Parents: Virtual Fridays will be continuing until further notice. Click the link for more information. Thank you for supporting our staff. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZcglJjANhVO0UwZ9jGZdJ7SL2ToynaJzDFYpPkp0p0o/edit?usp=sharing
7 months ago, Bauxite Public Schools
We are so excited about the opportunities the new Saline County Career Tech Center will offer our students opening next year!! Bauxite High School students will have the opportunity to attend in 2021! https://youtu.be/Wlu-C2isrBM
8 months ago, Bauxite Public Schools
Bauxite Schools will implement Virtual Fridays beginning on Nov. 6. You are probably aware that teachers nation-wide are struggling right now to teach virtual students and onsite students. Offering teachers additional time to plan, grade, and prepare digital content is something we want to try to help ease their stress and workload. We hear them saying what they are doing is not sustainable, and we want to help. However, we are also aware many of our parents don’t have childcare when students are at home, so we will allow students to be onsite on virtual days if other childcare arrangements can’t be made. On Fridays, onsite students will work on digital lessons under a paraprofessional’s supervision. A few more details: Buses will not run on Fridays. Parents will need to contact Kristy Ammons at 501-557-5254 if meals are needed. For our K-4 students who don’t have Chromebooks at home, we will provide them with a Chromebook to take home on Thursdays and bring back to school on Mondays. Attendance and grades will be taken on Fridays. We hope you will support us in supporting our teachers. Contact your child’s school with questions.
9 months ago, Bauxite Public Schools
10 months ago, Carole Anderson
Bauxite is providing free meals to all of our students through Dec. 31. The student just needs to come through the breakfast or lunch line and provide their name. BX virtual students who wish to take advantage of these free meals can call Kristy Ammons at 501-557-2238. This is only for students currently enrolled at Bauxite.
11 months ago, Bauxite Public Schools
Bauxite Schools will be requiring masks for all students in grades K-12. Masks have been mandated by the State of Arkansas for ages 10 and up to help prevent community spread of COVID-19, and the district originally planned to only require masks for ages 10 and up, but due to updated guidance for schools and feedback from our school community, we will now be requiring masks for all grades K-12. Masks are required at all times on buses. For more detailed information, please visit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TUJ0X1k4j6Hff9RXXlDXs73Dbky7fLD2RE3rJzB7Nos/edit?usp=sharing
11 months ago, Bauxite Public Schools
BHS Students and Parents, we haven't forgotten you! BHS is working on getting all back to school forms changed to a digital form (we know parents will appreciate not having to write their name and address over and over on multiple forms!), and schedules will soon be available on HAC. Since most of our students still have their Chromebooks, BHS is attempting to move Miner Days online to prevent you from coming on campus unnecessarily! Stay tuned to our social media and texts; we will let you know more soon! Looking forward to seeing you again, students!
12 months ago, Bauxite Public Schools
Arkansas has allotted Bauxite enough WiFi hotspots for 5% of our students to receive one. The link below is for the hotspot application. Filling out the application does not guarantee you will receive a hotspot, but only those who fill it out will have a chance to receive one. The hotspots will be assigned based on greatest need. Please do not fill out the application if you already have internet service at home. https://forms.gle/s1Eo7N5cUCFResG36
12 months ago, Bauxite Public Schools
The link we shared yesterday for the livestream of graduation is experiencing technical difficulties. Use this link to watch the livestream instead. https://www.bauxiteminers.org/live-events
about 1 year ago, Bauxite Public Schools
Today is the deadline for choosing blended (onsite) vs. virtual (online) instruction. There is no need to complete the form again if you have already done so. If a student doesn't register a selection, they will be scheduled into blended (onsite) classes. Make your selection at this link https://forms.gle/MZYyiBQfy8ytkrCe7
about 1 year ago, Bauxite Public Schools
about 1 year ago, Bauxite Public Schools
We have been approved for a traditional graduation this Saturday at 9 a.m. Each graduate has a limited number of guests they can bring, so please share this link with those who can't attend so they can be a part of this day as well!
about 1 year ago, Bauxite Public Schools
OOPS! This is such a challenging time, we left out the word is in our last text. Sorry!
about 1 year ago, Bauxite Public Schools